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Introduction to fe-safe/True-Load

Cost: Free

Dates: Please enquire

Overview: Attend this seminar to learn more about fe-safe/True-Load: a new, unique suite of software for in-situ load measurement and meet the experts behind the technology.

Learn about the unique features of fe-safe/True-Load:

  • Transform any structure into its own load transducer
  • Create reconstructed loads with remarkable accuracy; FEA strains typically within 2% of measured values
  • Load histories automatically represented as scale-and-combine loading blocks
  • Go from FEA analysis to strain correlated loading profiles for the most accurate fatigue prediction
  • Use loading events for easy, interactive post-processing

About fe-safe/True-Load:

  • Direct interface to fe-safe
  • Only software of its kind in the industry

Who should attend: Engineers who are responsible for integrating and enhancing testing and analysis programmes, engineers interested in streamlining and optimising their test programmes, engineers interested in increasing their knowledge of loading histories to improve their fatigue analysis results.

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